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Greece amends cadastral system

Greece has abolished and replaced its “National Cadastre and Mapping Agency S.A.” with a new public entity entitled the “Hellenic Cadastre” (“Elliniko Ktimatologio”). The new agency shall be based in Athens and is supervised by the Minister of Environment and Energy.

In addition, seventeen (17) cadastral offices shall be established, one in each region (except for the Attica region where three (3) offices shall be established and Central Macedonia region where two (2) offices shall be established) and other sixty eight (68) branches at major cities or islands as well. It should be noted that the new entity will be self-funded.

Which is the main purpose of the Hellenic Cadastre?

The main purpose of the Hellenic Cadastre is to ensure the reliability, publicity and availability of territorial and legal data relating to immovable property and the assurance of transaction security.

This is achieved by the registration of legal and technical information, the precise determination of the location and boundaries of the real estate and the publication of legal rights over each real property. The purpose of the Hellenic Cadastre also includes the geodetic and cartographic coverage of the country.