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For the 99.5% Act

On March 25, 2021, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced legislation entitled “For the 99.5% Act.”  The aim of the bill is to tax the fortunes of the top 0.5% of wealthy Americans. This is the first… Read More »For the 99.5% Act

US taxes set to rise

With the Democrats now controlling Congress and the Presidency, the new Biden Administration is set to fundamentally change the nature of tax. How this will impact Americans and business remains an open question. What is… Read More »US taxes set to rise

UK wealth tax

With all due respect to the BBC, the imposition of such a “one-time” wealth tax would have a disastrous impact on the British economy. Capital flight would occur, much like what is happening already in… Read More »UK wealth tax

Argentina and taxes

Argentinians normally look to Uruguay and then the United States when thinking about tax planning. Those routes seem now insufficient, given the political shift. Arguably, Latin Americans, and even North Americans, with means should now… Read More »Argentina and taxes

UK starts to tax wealth

Like other major economies in 2020, the UK is facing a tax deficiency in light of covid-19 and the severe contraction of its economy. Governments are now looking to new tax revenue schemes and everything… Read More »UK starts to tax wealth

Tax their obscene wealth.

With the Democrats now solidifying around a Biden-Harris ticket, the U.S. faces a real choice. Continue with the Trump-Pence paradigm or reject it in favour of something just as earth shattering. Never has politics been… Read More »Tax their obscene wealth.

Some thoughts on Austria

Austria’s Ministry of Finance has recently provided some guidance on the question of an Austrian home office as it applies to an Austrian tax resident employee and whether such a setup can qualify as an… Read More »Some thoughts on Austria

Dividends in Austria

The Austrian tax court has recently opined on the question of dividend payments from Austria to an intermediate EU holding company which has no substance (while its EU parent does). Generally in Austria dividends paid… Read More »Dividends in Austria

Hungary vs. Google

On 12 September 2019, the advocate general of the European Court of Justice held that Hungary’s advertisement tax legislation based on which Google was fined HUF 1 billion (approx. EUR 3 million) constitutes an unjustifiable… Read More »Hungary vs. Google

Albania tax update

On 1 January 2019, Albania’s Income Tax Act was amended with respect to imposition of new rules on the indirect transfer of ownership of assets situated in Albania. The new rules deal with the taxation… Read More »Albania tax update

Belarus Tax Note

A draft law that would amend the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus has been posted on the website of the Belarusian Ministry of Finance (the “Draft Law”). This time the draft has been… Read More »Belarus Tax Note